Why Write a Blog?

I have been considering starting a blog for a little while and have had so many reservations about it. One of them was that blogs are not new anymore. So many people have blogs and a lot of them have a much more interesting life than I do. Anything I say has probably already been said so what is the point? But I have realized this is a bad reason, or at least a type of reason I want to get away from. Not everything has to be “worth it” or “new”. This is something I struggle with; I want to be efficient and contribute things that are worthwhile and not already done. But in this situation, what if it didn’t matter how many people already do it or how “good” mine will be? What if it is just for fun, or just to bring a little more light and connection into the world?

I started listening to podcasts when I moved to Kansas City. I didn’t know anyone and spent most of the day in a small office alone. Listening to podcasts helped me get inspired to live the life I want to live, feel a sense of connection, and just get through tough days. I now listen to them on my long-ish commute or while doing chores. I unfollowed people I don’t really know on Instagram and started following my favorite podcasters, bloggers, and speakers. It has been life changing. My Instagram makes me feel uplifted and understood rather than jealous or depressed (Facebook is another story!).

I realized the state of connecting on the internet now is not just for “influencers” or wealthy people with wildly unique lifestyles. Most of the people I follow are just regular people; people trying to keep their homes organized, cook good meals, or live intentionally. I especially enjoy following people who radiate positive authenticity. They are honest and humble that their lives aren’t perfect, but often reframe things to see the good and share what is working for them with others. This is what I hope to do with this blog.

In addition to sharing information and connecting with others, blogging is serving as a creative outlet for me and a way to reflect on the big picture of my life. I have always loved writing but by high school believed that it was only for academic papers and classes. I want to find that 8-year-old girl in me that loved writing and creating, and this is one way to just do it. It also helps me take one step back and see the big picture of what I am working towards and how much I have to be grateful for in my life. This can be hard to see in the day to day normalcy or when I am unsure of what the future will bring.

I think I will create a separate post with all my favorite writers/speakers, but two that specifically talk about the benefits of blogging are Asha Dornfest and Kelsey Wharton. The links on their names go directly to their posts about blogging which confirmed for me that this is an opportunity to truly connect and share something beyond 140 characters or a carefully selected photograph. I finally decided on the 2020 word of “action”, so in the spirit of doing, here I am starting a blog.

1 thought on “Why Write a Blog?”

  1. Inspiring share. Blogging for me was an escape at first , then be became an inspiration both from the stories I read & the generous positive comments & support from the blogging community . Something that honestly I didn’t experience in IG.


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