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Hello! My name is Mandy Lambert and I have been living in Virginia Beach, VA for the past two years. I grew up and went to college in Maryland, and later moved to Chicago then Kansas City. I met my husband, Matt, in Kansas City in 2017, and we just got married last summer in Norfolk, VA.

Matt took this on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. Not pictured: my hair in a giant knot from staying in an open-air hut all week and the Bacardi glass I am holding from our rum tasting!

Like so many people, I am finding my way through life, trying to live intentionally but also with delight. I am here to write about my thoughts, interests, and goals and am looking forward to seeing how this blog evolves as life brings new adventures.

From this blog, I hope you gain ideas, connection, or joy from stepping into another person’s life. I hope you feel that there are many of us out there trying and seeking to live the life they want to live. Feel free to connect with me through comments, email, or Instagram–I always love to meet new people 🙂

All of the graphics on my blog I have purchased from Julia Dreams on Creative Market. I am experimenting with using graphic art and I just adore her style!

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